Control Light with Multiple Switches

Design Challenge 2

Design Challenge:

Control the Light with Multiple Switches


In this challenge you will be asked to control a single light with multiple switches. An LED on-board is used to emulate the light, and 4 slide switches are used to emulate the switches.

Before you begin, you should:
  • Have the Xilinx® ISE WebPACK™ installed.
  • Have your FPGA board set up.
  • Be able to describe digital circuits using logic operators.
  • Be able to write a test bench and simulate circuits using ISim.
After you're done, you should:
  • Be able to design simple logic circuits to implement required logic functions.


Qty Description
1 Digilent® Nexys™4, Nexys™3, Nexys™2, or Basys™2 FPGA Board
1 Xilinx ISE Design Suite: WebPACK (14.6 Recommended)
1 Digilent Adept

Control the Light with Multiple Switches

A room has 4 doors with a light switch next to each door, totaling 4 light switches. Inside the room there is only one light in the center of the ceiling. Design a circuit that allows all 4 switches to control that single center light. Each switch needs to be able to turn the light on if it is off, and off if it is currently on.

  • It will not be possible to associate a given position of “light on” and “light off”—simply moving any switch in the room should modify the status of the light.
  • Use Switch 0 – 3 on your FPGA board as light switches and LED 0 as the light in the room.

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