Voltage Dividers

Design Challenge 1: Series Resistors

Voltage Dividers:

Design Challenge 1: Series Resistors


When resistors are connected in series, the combination has an equivalent resistance that is the sum of the resistances of the individual resistors. This property can be useful in creating desired resistance values from a limited selection of fixed resistors and in constructing voltage dividers. In this design challenge, we will build a circuit with a 5V source, 6.8 kΩ, and an arbitrary resistor. We will use the concept of voltage division to determine the resistance value of the arbitrary resistor when given a specific voltage drop across it.

Background information relevant to voltage dividers and resistors in series can be accessed in the links at the right.

  • Using voltage division, determine the resistance value for R1 that will produce a Vout of 0.903V.

  • Note: The resistance value of R1 will match a resistor value that can be found in the Analag Discovery Parts Kit.

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