Voltage Dividers

Design Challenge 2: Controlling Current

Voltage Dividers:

Design Challenge 2: Controlling Current


Voltage dividers and resistors in series can also be used to control the amount of current that is drawn from a power source. Recall the Ohm's Law equation: \[I = \frac{V}{R}\] By looking at this equation, we can see that a circuit with greater resistance will have less current flowing through it. A circuit with a lower resistance value will have a greater current flowing through it. We will use this idea to build a circuit that has a specific current flowing through it.

Background information relevant to voltage dividers, resistors in series, and Ohm's Law can be accessed in the links at the right.

  • Using Ohm's Law and the concept of voltage division, create a circuit of two or more resistors that will have a current of 0.5mA flowing through it. The first resistor in series must also have a voltage drop across it of 0.5V, as shown in the figure above.

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