Program FPGA using Xilinx® iMPACT™

Program FPGA using Xilinx® iMPACT™

Open iMPACT and Initialize JTAG Chain

  1. For 7 series FPGAs, you can only program them via Xilinx® iMPACT™ tools. To start iMPACT, double click “Configure Target Device” from ISE project navigator, or start iMPACT from the Start Menu.
  2. A warning as follows might pop up. Click OK to continue.
  3. When iMPACT has started, the ISE iMPACT window shows as follows:
  4. Double click “Boundary Scan” to open the Boundary Scan Tab.
  5. In the white space of the Boundary Scan Tab, right click to open the drop down menu and click “Initialize Chain” to initialize JTAG Chain.

    Note: Make sure that the board is turned on and connected to your PC properly.

  6. iMPACT will detect the FPGA chip on your board. In this example, we are using a Nexys™4 with Artix-7™ FPGA.

Select Bit File and Download

  1. Right click on the FPGA icon in the Boundary Tab, and Click “Assign New Configuration File”.
  2. In the pop up window, browse to the bit file you want to program your FPGA with, and click “Open”.

    Another window will pop up asking you if you want to attach SPI or BPI PROM. Click “No” as we want to program FPGA directly.

    You will see that the name of the bit file you selected is shown under the FPGA icon.

  3. Right click the FPGA icon in the Boundary Tab again and click “Program” to start programming FPGA.
  4. A pop up window will show up asking if you want to verify the bit file after it is downloaded. Leave the value of “Verify” property unchecked and click OK.
  5. If the programming succeeds, you will see “Program Succeeded” shows up in the Boundary Scan Tab.
    The above screenshots are of Xilinx iMPACT running on Microsoft Windows 7.

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