Logic components, implemented in VHDL, suitable for use in a customer project. Comes with all necessary documentation.

Doc # Date Categories Description  
DSD-0000117 7/24/07 Serial Port Interface VHDL components Download
DSD-0000118 7/24/07 Digilent Memory Reference Library Download
DSD-0000120 7/11/07 Diglent Parallel Interface Model Download
DSD-0000129 Parallel Interface reference design for data transfer between PC and FPGA. Download
DSD-0000192 3/19/07 Scrolling text VHDL example Download
DSD-0000242 4/20/09 4-bit Behavioral Adder Download
DSD-0000243 4/20/09 Chain Carry Save Adder with 6 4-bit sectors Download
DSD-0000244 4/20/09 4 bit Carry Lookahead Adder Download
DSD-0000245 4/20/09 4 bit Ripple Carry Adder Download
DSD-0000246 4/20/09 Half Adder Download
DSD-0000247 4/20/09 4 bit Ripple Carry Adder Download
DSD-0000248 4/20/09 Wallace Carry Save Adder with 6 4-bits sectors Download
DSD-0000249 4/20/09 Comparator Download
DSD-0000250 4/20/09 Various combinatorial decoders Download
DSD-0000251 4/20/09 Encoder examples Download
DSD-0000252 4/20/09 Mux examples Download
DSD-0000253 4/20/09 Shift/rotate examples Download
DSD-0000254 4/20/09 4 by 4 bit behavioral multiplier Download
DSD-0000255 4/20/09 4 by 4 bit structural multiplier Download
DSD-0000256 4/20/09 Basic state machine example Download
DSD-0000257 4/20/09 Counter examples Download