C++ Keywords

Listing of the keywords in C++.

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Overview of the Use of Functions in C/C++

Basic introduction to what constitutes a function in C++.

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The Use of Blank Space in C/C++

Discusses what whitespace is and how it can and does appear in a sketch.

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Shows how comments are written in C++.

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Digital vs. Analog

Discrete vs. Continuous Signals

Explanation of the difference between digital and analog signals and systems.

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Push-On/Push-Off Buttons

Design Challenge, Problem 1

Write the code that converts the three momentary contact push buttons to operate as push-on / push-off buttons that satisfies the following specifications.

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Garage Door Controller

Design Challenge, Problem 2

Design a program to control a garage door.

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LCD Control

Design Challenge, Problem 3

Create LCD graphic displaying of Greek characters, progress bar, proportional meter.

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8-Channel RC Servo Controller

Design Challenge, Problem 4

Use the three push buttons on the chipKIT™ Pro MX7 processor board to control the servo motor as three pre-defined positions.

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Project 5: chipKIT™ Pro and Interrupts

Process Speed Controls Using Interrupts

Explore detecting events using interrupts or by using preemption that implements a nested interrupt management scheme.

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Project 6: Using chipKIT™ Pro to Control LCDs

Handshaking and LCD Control

Investigate concepts involving parallel communications and handshaking.

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Project 7: chipKIT™ Pro and Serial Communication

Asynchronous Serial Communications

Learn about asynchronous communications and communicate with a microcontroller using a terminal emulation program to implement a point to point serial link between the chipKIT™ PRO MX7 and a PC.

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Project 8: chipKIT™ Pro and Serial Communications

Synchronous I2C Serial Communications

Investigate concepts involving synchronous communications using a basic master-slave multi-drop network communications and use the I2C protocol to communicate with the 24LC256 I2C™ CMOS Serial EEPROM.

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Project 8a: chipKIT™ Pro and Serial Communications

Synchronous SPI Serial Communications

Investigate synchronous communications with the SPI master-slave serial bus

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Project 9: Controlling a DC Motor

PWM Using Timer Compare

Generate a proportional output using the output compare resource on the PIC®32MX processor to implement digital-to-analog conversion with pulse width modulation (PWM), thus controlling the speed of a DC motor.

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Project 10: Using chipKIT™ Pro and DC Motors

Frequency Measurement Using Input Capture

Use the PIC™ 32 input capture to measure frequency to determine the speed of a DC motor.

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Common Project Files (Code)

Appendices: P00

Common project files for the series.

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Project 0 Application files

Appendices: P00

Application files for Project 0.

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MPLAB® XC32 C I/O Syntax

Appendices: P01

Syntax for MPLAB®.

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Peripheral Library I/O Functions

Appendices: P01

List of functions for the peripheral library.

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Detailed PIC™32 I/O Pin Block Diagram

Appendices: P01

Diagram of PIC™32.

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Software Models and Planning

Appendices: P01

Software models and plans.

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PmodSTEP™ Parts Layout

Appendices: P02, P03, P05

Layout of the Digilent PmodSTEP™ .

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Process for Determining the Software Delay Contant

Appendices: P02

Determining delay constants for software

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