Control Light with Multiple Switches

Design Challenge 2

In this challenge you will be asked to control a single light with multiple switches. An LED on-board is used to emulate the light, and 4 slide switches are used to emulate the switches.

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Basic Digital I/O

Slide Switch, Push Button, and LED

Circuits often require inputs that come directly from users (as opposed to inputs that come from other devices). User-input devices can take many forms, among them keyboards (as on a PC), buttons (as on a calculator or telephone), rotary dials, switches and levers, etc.

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Transistors as Switches

Digital electronic circuits are built from electronic switches that are called transistors instead of the mechanical switches and resistors, as discussed in the previous sections. The basic concept is the same—the switches (transistors) are arranged so that they can be turned on or off by signals carrying either LLV or LHV.

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Board Verification and Basic Logic Circuits

Project 2, Exercise 2

This exercise is based off of the material from Real Digital Project 2. You will download a .bit file to your board to configure the FPGA with eight different logic circuits. The circuits use buttons and switches for inputs, and LEDs for outputs. You must probe the logic circuits by applying all possible combinations of input signals, and from the results write logic equations that describe the circuit’s behavior.

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