Parallel Elements

Discussion of what it means for electrical elements to be in parallel.

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Open Circuits

An explanation of what an open circuit is.

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Short Circuits

An explanation of what a short circuit is.

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Pull-Down and Pull-Up Resistors

Discussion of how a resistor can either be used as a pull-up resistor or a pull-down resistor to tie a node in a circuit to a known voltage.

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Choosing a Current-Limiting Resistor

Discussion of the need to use resistors to limit the current in certain circuits.

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A comparator is any circuit whose output will assert when an input signal rises above a given threshold, and de-assert when the input falls back below the threshold.

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Voltage dividers

Voltage dividers are commonly used circuits that split an applied overall voltage into a smaller desired voltage level.

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Multi-Button Input

This topic page describes how you can set up a multi-button input circuit.

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Diode Protection Circuit

This topic provides background information on diode protection circuits.

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