A comparator is any circuit whose output will assert when an input signal rises above a given threshold, and de-assert when the input falls back below the threshold.

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Design Arithmetic Circuits

Project 10: Comparator, Adder, Multiplier, and ALU

In this project, we will design the arithmetic circuits in FPGA. We will build a 4-bit magnitude comparators, a ripple-carry adder, and a multiplier circuit. You can challenge yourself by integrating all those circuits together with some multiplexer to build an arithmetic logic unit (ALU).

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VGA Display Controller

Design Challenge 6

In this design, you are going to be asked to do a VGA Controller to display something on your monitor. Actually, VGA controller is a quite simple design which only requires two counters and several comparators.

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Bit-Slice Design Approach

When designing circuits with bussed inputs that represent binary numbers, it is often easier to consider a circuit designed for a single pair of bits, rather than for the entire binary number. This method of analysis is called Bit-Slice.

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