How Hardware Implements Pulse-Width Modulation

An explanation of how hardware implements pulse-width modulation.

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Pulse-Width Modulation

Making an LED "Breathe"

This project discusses pulse-width modulation (PWM) and how to use it to make an LED “breathe.” The term “breathing” is used to describe how we will make the LED repeatedly grow brighter (until it is completely on) and dimmer (until it is completely off).

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Controlling a Tricolor LED Using PWM

In this project, we will use PWM to control the color of a tricolor LED.

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Potentiometer-Controlled LED Brightness

This project will build upon the Breathing LED with Pulse-Width Modulation project, now introducing an element of user input by allowing manual control over the brightness of the LED. To accomplish this, we will introduce a new component called a potentiometer.

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