LCD Control

Design Challenge, Problem 3

Create LCD graphic displaying of Greek characters, progress bar, proportional meter.

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8-Channel RC Servo Controller

Design Challenge, Problem 4

Use the three push buttons on the chipKIT™ Pro MX7 processor board to control the servo motor as three pre-defined positions.

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Servo Control with Servo Library

This project implements a servo control circuit that will use the chipKIT™ board to read button presses and move the position of a servo's motor shaft accordingly.

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Potentiometer-Controlled Servo

For this project, we will improve upon the design from the Servo Control with Servo Library project by replacing the pushbuttons with a single potentiometer (a variable resistor).

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Light Tracking Servo

For this project, we will be building a control system that allows a servo to align itself to the direction of light coming from a flashlight. To do this we will use light sensitive resistors to detect the direction the light is coming from.

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